Rushing: “Pollination doesn’t happen to the tree bud.”

Received 6-7-2020

I am listening.

Seasons they change. Summers to autumns. To winters to springs. Where do you think the plants and the animals get the courage to go on? Where do you think they have the faith that even if they drop their leaves and stop growing that they will be able to grow again when it is time? When there is enough sunshine and rain.

I don’t know.

Because it is natural. It is in their DNA. They wait. They make sure that all pieces are in place. Same things with frogs in the spring. They wait until the signs are there of a cold spring rain to create puddles to breed in. they wait for what they know from generations and genetics and instincts and intuition of when it is time. It is not preprogramed, the dates are not always the same, but they must feel and sense when It is right.

Ok. What is this in reference to?

Your attitude.

What about my attitude?

There are things that you are not allowing to be when they need to be and are maintaining others during the entire time. The trunk is needed for the tree yes, this is the stability factor, but the leaves are not the same all the time, they change color and they fall, also the fruits are created and the seeds. These are transient and occur in order. The seed does not come before the flower.

What are you trying to say?

You can’t jump to the end when the beginning hasn’t started. It doesn’t go from winter to summer. It doesn’t go from leaf bud to seed. There is an order. This you must accept and this you must allow. The order. You cannot rush the patterns of nature. You cannot rush the patterns of yourself.

What am I rushing?

Your mind is rushing. You must learn to discipline it to the now and the here and now. It can’t be, well it can be, but for there to be manifestations and creations, it can’t be in 5000 places at once. It has to be driven and focused and disciplined.

Yes I recognize this, my mind is very active and is all over the place and is able to think about multiple things at once. I can read and think of other things at the same time.

This is a gift but it is also a boon. You must learn to develop this gift with practice, and patience and discipline. Because if it thinks all over the place you will never create one thing.

Ok. So discipline my mind in order to start at the tree bud, create a flower, get pollinated, create a seed and grow leaves to allow my truck to grow another ring stronger? and then have the faith to loose the leaves and start again from the strength of my trunk and foundation?

Yes exactly! Pollination doesn’t happen to the tree bud. You must have faith in the process and the path that you are on and that each step is forward in progress and forward in development even if it seems like you are repeating the cycle over and over again, it may be imperceptible but your trunk is growing another ring, you ARE growing new branches to extend wider. Even if you can’t see this just from the bud.

Ok thank you so much for your messages today!

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