Horse Power Animal, Manifestation Diversion

Received 6-6-2020

What does Horse Heart mean?

It means the qualities of the heart that you have.

What does the horse have to do with this?

I have explained this to you before. It was this month you should go back and look at it.

Ok yes I do remember that.  Let me look for it. Give me a minute.

Of course.

(Reviewed Channel from 5-31, Following is excerpt on the horse)

What about the horse?

Ah the horse is a power structure. A power companion. Only ones who truly do not wish to exploit connect with them. They symbolize true freedom without the fear of exploitation, abuse, and power struggles. Sacrifice of joining of species and joining connections from a true free heart. They are extremely gifted animals with strength and the ability to assist. Not many animals in the world have made that kind of commitment to another. The horse has with humans. The horse has and because of their true desire to assist that puts them into situations where they were abused and exploited and tortured. Even they had to find freedom through containment. They weren’t forced. No entity can force another unless they allow it and the horse had to figure that out. What may look like extreme torture to your untrained eyes could be the ultimate service to another. Pulling wagons for a family to live so that their goods went to market so their new baby on the way in the family would have milk that week is a truce and an honor for the horse. Perspective. 

I see that. So what now?

Now we think pink! Well you think pink (previously in the channel my guide had talked about my higher self being a pink color and when I get stressed or anxious or need grounding or uplifting to feel the pink washing over and blend with the pink color). Think about the true story of your essence. Not the story that your body and habits and attachments want you to believe. Know the true story of your essence and what that story wants to tell.

I do strongly still feel that I am supposed to read locations. I want to do it so badly. It is insane. It is this true and honest upwelling of love and connection and total wonder when I do it. honor.

Hmmmm what do you think the horse would say about that?

I feel the horse would say that it could be abused and exploited, but that if my connection and my perspective is pure and genuine then I am ok and will be ok.

Wonderful! What a great message from horse!

What about my racetrack job?

Ah yes I am glad you bring that up that is service at a different level and you need to integrate service to above (Spirit) and service to below (Earth plane) as they are the same. One is not more important than the other. They are equally of service and equally needed in the world today.

(End excerpt.)

If you still need to ask questions about this go right ahead, but it may be that you just need to sit and meditate more on these words. Which is it?

I think I need to meditate more on these words.


I am listening.

How did the rain and the sunshine feel today?

Wonderful. The clouds are so white and the sky is so blue and the grass is so green and the sun is so yellow and bright.

Yes it is true.

Why today?

Today is a clearing day. You shed some yesterday and today is a clearing day.

Ok. Why is there such a hold up about me going back to work? I am not sure I understand the deeper meaning of this. Is this a sign to start looking for another job? Is this a warning that I am fighting an uphill battle or is this a testing moment of my commitment?

Many times in your life you have lost and have lost and only after you have lost did you actually feel the love of how much you missed and truly wanted or appreciated that thing. This is false and this is not correct. You can only miss what is after, just equal to what you were missing during, and this is equal to what was missed in the creation because it wasn’t there in the first place.

Ok. Yes I can grasp that.

Is this going to be another situation where you lose something? And realized the loss afterwards?

I don’t know!

Is there attachment?


How do you really feel about it?

I feel that this is really what I am supposed to be doing.

Do you?

On many levels yes! Yes I do!

Wonderful. And where do the levels differ?

I just looked inside and the levels don’t differ. I really does feel like this is what I want and is what is best for me at this point in time. I didn’t feel a diversion.

Ok good. So why did you think that there was a diversion?

Because I have always created them in my past. A plan B a plan C a back up plan. As of today I don’t want a back up plan. This is what I want.

I am not really feeling that from you.

Well I am scared.

Ah yes there it is. Scared to put all your eggs in one basket?


Manifestation requires a basket, but sometimes you don’t know who is going to pick up the basket to carry your manifestations on ward. And that is normal and that is ok. But you must create the basket first. Emotions, feelings, ideas, initiations, hopes and dreams. These are what create your world. These are what destroy your world. It is all the bottom line. What does your basket look like?

Well I remember that one meditation where I was in the underworld and there were three eggs and I had to crack them is that related?

They might be.


Form the basket. See the basket. Is it ornate? Decorated? Symbols on it? What is inside the basket?

I see a white Easter type basket made of thin white birch branches. Hand made with a nest and moss and fur and feathers and twigs inside. There are three pure white eggs inside.

Are you going to eat them?

No what?! What kind of question is that?

Well that is a very human response to eat food, even if it is eating food for the soul. Consume. America. Consume. Put it inside of you. Where no one can see it ever again where no one will know.

Whoa. Well yeah I guess that is something that is common in my culture, but no I don’t want to eat these at all! That is horrifying.

Ok. What are you going to do with them then?

I want to watch them.

Ok will you watch them forever?

I don’t know.

Are you going to care for them?

Yes. By continuing to whisper my hopes and dreams through their beautiful pure white eggshells. And someday they will hatch.

Beautiful. Do this everyday. Carry that basket with you. Maybe even make a symbolic one. But carry it with you. Care for these eggs which are the creation and manifestation. There are three. They may hatch at different times, they may hatch all at once or they may never hatch. That is not directly under our control. Nor in truth is it under your control but you are the driver of your manifestations. What are in the eggs? Think about this often. Meditate on this. And now I leave you.

Thank you so much for our session today. This brings me a lot to think about.

See the eggs, they are a testament to your posture/position. Notice if they change color, if there are spots on them, cracks and whatnot. All of it means something.

Ok I will. Thank you.

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