During a psychic reading with one of my mentors, Amanda Linette Meder, who I highly recommend, she told me about a man who was around me with the energy of rhodochrosite, referring to my husband, and she also recommended that finding this crystal would be healing.

I went to one of the largest metaphysical stores in my area with hundreds if not thousands of crystals. The women at the register told me that she was sorry, the only rhodochrosite stones they had were carved into animals. I lit up and said that was perfect! The women was confused as she said most people don’t want them carved. She brought me to a glass cabinet where there was a carved rhodochrosite horse AND a dog! The horse is my power animal and dogs are very close to my heart as well. This also occurred just weeks after I was receiving a message of “HorseHeart”. I purchased them immediately and they sit on the windowsill right where I do all my computer work.

So what is rhodochrosite?

It is a luscious, layered, deep pink to light pink to white, to tan and brown crystal that has deep healing properties about compassion and kindness from the heart. It is known as the “Stone of the Compassionate Heart”.

It is also referred to as the “Inner Child Stone”, and is used to heal wounds of childhood, developing a healthy adult Ego, and allows one to forgive one’s parents. It is related to the connection between the heart and the solar plexus and assists in activating the heart while clearing the solar plexus. It directs its gentle energy towards the Self. To go deep within the heart to face the truth about oneself and others, without excuses or evasion, while maintaining a loving awareness.

It helps to reclaim joy, creativity, innate talents, and inspires positive attitudes as well as developing “a courageous heart that is capable of taking action to express love and emotions and to pursue one’s dreams”.

This is the perfect stone to represent my current journey and my hopes and dreams for this blog.

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