Impatience, Perfect Timing, Perfect Awareness

Received 6-5-2020

What message am I not getting? What am I not hearing?

Perfect timing. Perfect timing. Perfect awareness.

Perfect awareness about what?

About the timing. There is a sinking deeper in to that moment that you are just skimming the surface of. There is a sinking deeper into a moment that has nothing to do with time and has nothing to do with perfection but at the same moment it is perfect and in time.

How will I know when the timing is right? And what am I waiting for?

The motivation will be there and you will just not be able to not move and go forward you won’t be able to contain yourself. It will be like that. And what you are waiting for is tripsin. You are waiting for the final block to fall into place you may have to wait your entire life. When you no longer call it waiting, it will be there.

Wait so I am not supposed to wait?

Waiting is not implied by perfect timing. Nor is jumping ahead implied by perfect timing. Perfect awareness of each and all situations will alert you to the perfect timing. Perfect timing is not about patience as far as the timescales goes, it has to do with understanding the awareness which can taketime scale time to develop and understand inside. But that is outside of the fact of patience with time.

I am impatient with everything.

Yes this is because of the lack of perfect awareness. When one is not able to see the patterns and connections then one is confused and in confusion is a lack of now and a lack of here and now and that leads you to impatience because you have no time stamp. You have no now.

So what you are saying is that I need to see the patterns and connections?

Yes always.

And that will lead me to perfect awareness?

It is a significant step towards that.

So I am starting to see a lot of patterns and connections in myself and they are really overwhelming because it seems that I am not doing anything right and that I am so far from aware.

Good. You are starting awareness. Yes there are a lot of aspects to keep track of as it seems in the beginning, but there is really only one you need to master. And that is the self. Once there is mastery of the self the other connections and patterns all fall away and you are just the pattern of perfect awareness which means that you will with have perfect timing and eliminate impatience.

How and where do I start?

With the patterns and awareness.

How do I keep track of them?

Categories of yes that felt good and that felt bad, but it is even deeper than that, that is the first level of awareness, then you peel back another layer, well why did that feel bad? It may have felt bad but it was for a good cause. This is ok it is just another layer. And then you peel back again and say why do I feel this cause is good? It could be something you have learned recently or something you have learned from the past or something that you carried with you from a past life. No answer is wrong. We are starting to become aware.

How does one have time for all of this!? Assessing like this sometimes takes me hours and days!

It doesn’t matter it is the proof in the pudding so to speak that you are looking and trying and making an effort at awareness that is registered and will be placed into the future. Keep looking. Keep opening your eyes to the truth and to the awareness of such. Don’t doubt or judge or deny what you are uncovering in the layers. They are real. There are emotions feelings and facts with them and actions as well. Some may just be to write it down and that is it. Some may be to stop that thought or behavior immediately. There is no written in stone right or wrong way. It is just awareness. And just because you are aware does not automatically mean there will be change. Sometimes that can only come with mastery or in a lifer life situation. Don’t fear though the recognition of it today will again show up in the future. Perfect awareness, see all sides, and see all depths. And now I leave you.

Ok thank you so much that does make sense. Perfect awareness. Yes.

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