Poem: Afterthought

Afterthought (2019) How beautiful it is to have a job of inspecting flowers. To know that you are without even trying, assisting a species. As an afterthought of generating a life mix of vitality. How brave it is to have a job of protecting. To know that you are the barrier, assisting a species. As … More Poem: Afterthought

Poem: Alchemy

Alchemy (2019) The secret nectar frozen in hexagons, The neutral perfect encasings. When cold it is imperceivable, When warm it oozes. The Universal connection of if, then that. One for all, all for one. For random pollination and exact geometry, Are needed to create gold.

Poem: Freedom

Freedom (2019) The bell rings. The board blank. Your smile given. Your hands make. That little spot of glow, Opens and opens and opens. Out till you feel it will never ever be able to come back. How far can it go before it bounces off, To dim and redirect, With fear and fog? In … More Poem: Freedom